Ushuaia, Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica 2008-09
Saturday, December 13 Travel to Santiago
Sunday, December 14 Travel to Ushuaia
Monday, December 15 Ushuaia: Martial Glacier Hike
Tuesday, December 16 Ushuaia: Tierra Del Fuego National Park
Wednesday, December 17 Ushuaia: Board Ship
Thursday, December 18 Sea Day
Friday, December 19 Falklands: West Point and Carcass Islands
Saturday, December 20 Falklands: Stanley
Sunday, December 21 Sea Day
Monday, December 22 Sea Day
Tuesday, December 23 South Georgia: Salisbury Plain
Wednesday, December 24 South Georgia: Fortuna Bay; Stromness Bay; Grytviken
Thursday, December 25 South Georgia: Right Whale Bay; Elsehul
Friday, December 26 South Georgia: Gold Harbour; Cooper Bay; Drygalski Fjord
Saturday, December 27 Sea Day
Sunday, December 28 South Orkneys: Orcadas Base
Monday, December 29 Sea Day
Tuesday, December 30 Antarctica: Cierva Cove
Wednesday, December 31 Antarctica: Cuverville; Neumayer Channel; Dorian Bay; Pt Lockroy
Thursday, January 1 Antarctica: Neko Harbour; Gerlache Strait
Friday, January 2 Sea Day
Saturday, January 3 Sea Day; Cape Horn
Sunday, January 4 Disembark, Travel to Los Angeles

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