Saturday, October 17, 2009

For the 7 or so hours it lasted, we slept. We woke up just before we crossed the dateline and the day ended. We were near Samoa when we crossed the dateline. One interesting thought was what happens to people who cross the dateline by going West, but don't get that day back by going back East? For example, we could theoretically travel LAX to Sydney, Sydney to JoBurg, JoBurg to London, and London back to LAX, without ever going back East across the dateline. Thus, at our next "birthday" in California, we would have only had 364 days since our last birthday. This is very odd - sort of like the stuff we learned (or at least heard about) in sophomore physics, but not as weird. But weird nonetheless. Perhaps this is a good idea for the people born on February 29 who don't know when to celebrate their birthday. Just go around the world one way or the other, then pick March 1 or February 28 to celebrate your birthday.


No, we weren't drinking on the plane.