Friday, October 21, 2011

We had a relaxing morning at home with the puppies. It was a nice day outside, and they were enjoyin the yard. We would have had a hard time leaving if we weren't so excited to go. Our last long vacation was last June, so it's been awhile, plus we've both been very busy at work, especially Justin. We left the house a little after 1, hoping to beat most of the Friday-afternoon 405 traffic.

The traffic was not that bad, and we got to LA around 3:30. We parked at our friend Mike's house. He lives very close to the airport, and has an extra parking space, so we twisted his arm to let us park there. Unfortunately he couldn't make it back from work in time to meet us there, so we just arranged for a short cab ride to the airport. We had been hoping to eat at Pink's with Mike, but that wasn't going to happen in any event. We found out that instead of flying out of the Tom Bradley terminal, we would be flying out of Terminal 2. Pink's was supposed to open the last time we were at the airport, and the time before that - apparently the universe was conspiring against us.

So instead of Pink's and the big board with all the internaitional flights to look at, we had a choice of one restaurant and a tiny TV monitor with the flights. The only fun part about it was the name of the restaurant was Road House, which made us think of the Family Guy episode where Peter keeps punching and kicking people as he yells "Road House!" The food was airport bar food, about as you'd expect.

At the gate, there were far more french speakers than english speakers. We figured it would be about 50-50, figuring that on any given flight, half the people would be going on holiday and half the people would be headed home from their own holiday. But the good thing about being one of the only english speakers was that we were the first to hear that the line for the economy folks was in a different place, so we went straight to the front of the line.

The airplane was fine, a 777 instead of a 747. We were back near the back, one row behind each other. Justin wanted to sleep like Crystal always does, so he took a sleeping pill. We were both out shortly after takeoff.