For the first time in our 3+ week trip, we had no alarm set today, and no need to wake up early either, since we had nothing planned. Crystal got up at 8, Justin at 8:30. We both read for a bit, and Justin slowly realized while reading that he felt like crap. Soon it became clear that he had eaten or drank something the day before that he shouldn't have, but after racking his brain, couldn't come up with what it might've been. While he was bedridden, Crystal had breakfast with her parents, then played candy crush with her parents. For lunch, Crystal grabbed a club sandwich and french fries - she'd had her fill of Indian food. She came back after lunch, and Justin was still out in bed. Eventually he got up, and we got cleaned up and packed. Justin ordered some ice cream to help ease his stomach, but it never came.

We did our best to make sure carry-ons were 7kg or less - we got them exceedingly close, then moved some stuff to Crystal's parents bags since they were flying to Delhi as well, and we could re-arrange bags once in Delhi. Justin was apparently making a scene in the front lobby while we were waiting to leave, not on purpose but because he looked so bad. The hotel employees were very friendly, but nothing was helping. Thankfully, the drive to airport was fine. At the airport, we had random rep who walked 50 feet with us, from the van to the check-in stand - it was insane. It's nice having people to help us, but what we experienced in India with our local tour operator was a bit much. After all the packing and re-packing, they didn't end up weighing our carry-ons after all.

After we got through security, we moved all the stuff back to our bags. It took awhile to get our bags, and it was a mess (even worse than Delhi), since they wouldn't let us see our bags actually being run through the machine. This really irked Dewey, and it was made worse when it seemed like they had lost his bag (it was just super late coming through the x-ray machine). Everyone seemed inept, and were checking damn near everything by hand anyway, making the x-rays pointless. The flight to Delhi was an hour, maybe less. Our flight was changed to be 90 minutes earlier than originally scheduled, so our layover was an extra 90 minutes - we landed at 8pm or so, our flight not until 2:20am, and Dewey and Clarita's not until 2:50am.

We were greeted by yet another ATJ rep, who told us what we needed to do (i.e., "walk around that corner any time after 11"), then left after about 3-5 minutes - very odd. We killed time at a small restaurant, and Justin finally ate something. We played some games and checked some work email (sigh), but even after having that to do, everyone was very bored and it still wasn't 11. Crystal and Clarita played Candy Crush, Dewey worked, Justin went through his 1100 emails and narrowed to about 50 that would need a second look on Monday. We came upstairs to the departures area at 11:30. We got our tickets, then went through immigration and then security. It was marginally better than Jaipur and than Delhi domestic, but still abysmal. Past security, Crystal got a mug from Starbucks to go with the mug she got in Istanbul and the travel cup (they had no mugs) in Amman. At our gate, we said our goodbyes to Dewey and Clarita, then had to go through security again, for the 3rd time in 6 hours - utterly ridiculous, and we felt less secure because of how inept everyone was. Also, since essentially no one trusts that anyone else is doing their job - why even have security, then? Sat down in the gate area around 12:45, tried to use the airport's free wi-fi, but like security at the airport, it didn't work.