Named after: Avon Barksdale, one of the best TV villains ever

When we got him: May 21, 2015

Birthdate (approximate): October 24, 2014

Nicknames: Pig, Piggles, Barksdale, Ellis (short for L.S., i.e., Little Shit), Wide Neck (short for WDENEC, Worst Dog Ever, Not Even Close)

Weight: 28 lbs.

Quirks: His tongue does not fit in his mouth and sticks out most of the time; he makes crazy sounds like a banshee when he's upset; he looks just like Lola except for his ears; he's awful in all respects

Other Info: He has convinced us not to get any more dogs, except for fosters. We stupidly decided to get him because of his looks. He was the hardest (by far) to housetrain. He has zero desire to make us happy or obey in any respect. We hoped for the best in terms of mixing French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs, but we got the worst. But he's good *just* enough for us to keep him around. ;-)