We both thought our flight was at 11am, so we woke up before 5am to leave by 6am. Then, at around 5:30 we saw that our flight was actually at 12:35, and noted we could have slept an extra hour and a half. The dogs did not care they slept the extra time. Four out of the five of them seemed to know what the suitcases meant poor Cabo had no idea.

We started driving the rental car to LAX, and about 2 minutes onto the freeway Crystal noticed that the hood was shaking. We stopped to check it the hood wasn't latched. Good times. The rest of the drive was without incident. We returned our rental car at the LAX Avis, and took the Avis shuttle to the terminal. On the shuttle was a man talking very loudly on his cell phone. He was talking about how he had finally started budgeting to try to pay off his credit card bills, and that once he had started budgeting, God had given him money. He got off the shuttle at the first terminal, so that was all we heard of the converation. We were the first ones in line for tickets. We sat around for a good while at the "gate" it was simply to get on a bus that went to the plane while sitting at the gate we tried learning a couple of Spanish phrases.

The plane itself was pretty nice. It was an Airbus 340, and appeared to be fairly new. All of the seats had TV screens in the headrests, and the controls for the screen were on a detachable remote control that latched into the armrest. There were movies to watch, new CDs you could listen to, video games to play. Crystal slept; Justin watched 'Batman Begins', played Tetris and miniature golf, and watched the map with the plane's progress. He paid careful attention when we passed the equator neither one of us had ever been South of it. Last year we came within about 0.1 degrees in Singapore and Bintan.

We landed in Lima for refueling, then took off again for Santiago. Neither of us remember much if anything about this part of the flight.