One of the good things well, pretty much the only good thing about not going to Machu Picchu today was that we didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn. Instead, we leisurely got breakfast and then lounged around in the hotel room watching some horrifically bad, yet enjoyable, movies. Justin went down to the business center, but left when they told him that he would be charged hourly for use of the internet. Considering that there was no internet access available in the room, and that the hotel room probably cost over $400 a night, that was appalling to him. So he went back to the room and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Crystal went out and visited the shops in the hotel. Then she went to the bar and had a coca sour, which is basically a pisco sour made with pisco that has had coca leaves soaking in it. After Justin woke up, we went to lunch. After lunch, it was more movies, some really bad (Locusts) and some good (Hunt For Red October). We watched the Spanish subtitles to try to learn some phrases along the way. We called Luis, who told us that we would be able to go to Machu Picchu the next day, just as a day trip. Because we had a flight scheduled for early Friday morning, we could not stay up at Machu Picchu Thursday night. After we spoke to Luis, we went out in the late afternoon to do some souvenir shopping. Again, everything was cheap and tourist-y, so we gave up hope of finding something worth purchasing and just went to dinner. We watched more television after dinner, and went to sleep.